Exquisite Callista Cashmere Touch Carpet
  • Callista Strato
  • Callista Strato
  • Callista Bluster
  • Callista Alto
  • Callista Cirro
  • Callista Cumulus
  • Callista Misty
  • Callista Morning Fog
  • Callista Stormy
  • Callista Sultry
  • Callista Tempest
  • Callista Twilight Haze
  • Callista Wild Winds
Lifetime Installation Warranty


Embrace the elegance of our exquisite Callista Cashmere Touch Carpet! Offering unparalleled durability and a spectrum of captivating colours, Callista ensures a luxurious, easy-clean experience, maintaining its vibrancy for years!

Luxurious Touch

The exquisite highlight of our cashmere touch Callista collection! It’s not just carpet. It’s a rendition of luxury and durability, offering 12 enchanting shades to elevate any space.

Captivating Colour Range

Callista Cashmere Touch Carpet unveils a spectrum of captivating colours. Each shade is a stroke of elegance, meticulously designed to align with your décor, echoing a tale of timeless beauty in every fibre.

Unparalleled Durability

Callista is a masterpiece in Solution Dyed Nylon carpeting. It’s about value that speaks volumes, blending exceptional durability with an aesthetic that resonates with modern elegance.

Family & Pet Friendly

Experience the versatile nature of Callista Carpet. It’s family and pet-friendly, a beacon of style that doesn’t compromise on practicality. Its easy-clean nature defines a new standard in luxury carpeting.

UV Fade Resistance Mastery

With Callista Cashmere Touch Carpet, vibrancy is everlasting. Thanks to its superior UV fade resistance, every shade retains its allure, reflecting the rich, vivid hues year after year, a symphony of enduring brilliance.

Transformative Elegance

Let Callista redefine your space. Its luxurious texture and harmonious colours transform every room, creating an ambiance of sophistication and warmth, a perfect embrace for your aesthetic desires.

  • Stain Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Family Friendly
  • Hard Wearing
  • Easy Clean
  • Anti-Allergy
Fibre: Solution Dyed Nylon
Type: Cut Pile
OZ Rating: 52 OZ
Manufacturer's Warranty: 15 Years
Price Guide: $$$ Luxurious
Lifetime Installation Warranty
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