Elegant Herringbone 9.5mm Hybrid Flooring | Luxury Flooring
  • Elegant Hybrid Herringbone 9.5mm French Oak
  • Elegant Hybrid Herringbone 9.5mm Lime Ash
  • Elegant Hybrid Herringbone 9.5mm Snow Grey
  • Elegant Hybrid Herringbone 9.5mm Pacific Spotted Gum
  • Elegant Hybrid Herringbone 9.5mm Natural Spotted Gum
  • Elegant Hybrid Herringbone 9.5mm Natural Blackbutt
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Lifetime Installation Warranty
12 Months Interest Free

Elegant Herringbone 9.5mm

Experience unparalleled luxury with Elegant Herringbone 9.5mm Hybrid Flooring. Elevate Your Space and immerse in timeless elegance with our 100% waterproof hybrid planks, available in six stunning shades.

Transform your home with our latest in the Herringbone range, blending sophisticated elegance with resilient functionality, a true emblem of luxurious living.

Seamless Blend of Style & Durability

This flooring solution is a harmonious blend of style and enduring quality, featuring 100% waterproof hybrid planks adorned with a refined PVC matte embossed surface, ensuring your space is a timeless reflection of elegance.

A Symphony of Colours

Dive into a world of six breathtaking colour ways, meticulously designed to intertwine seamlessly with Elegant Herringbone 9.5mm Hybrid flooring, allowing a myriad of design possibilities to breathe life into your envisioned elegance.

Unleash Your Design Ambitions

The harmonious colour palette of Elegant Herringbone 9.5mm Hybrid offers boundless styling possibilities, allowing the unique aesthetic of herringbone patterns to elevate every corner of your home with finesse.

Immerse in Unmatched Elegance

Experience the whisper of luxury underfoot with every step, inviting you to immerse in the unrivalled beauty and quality that is Elegant Herringbone 9.5mm Hybrid Flooring.

Embark on a Journey of Elegance

Ready to infuse your space with unparalleled elegance? Get in touch via our contact page or give us a call for more information or to book a Free measure & quote. Let’s craft your home into a living masterpiece.

About the product

  • Acoustic Underlay
  • Waterproof
  • Easy To Clean

Plank Size:

9.5mm thick, 630mm long, 126mm wide

Manufacturer's Warranty:

2 Structural & Wear Warranty Limited Surface Warranty – 20 Years Residential | 3 Years Commercial

Price Guide:

$$$ Luxurious
Lifetime Installation Warranty
12 Months Interest Free

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