Quattro - Hybrid - Signature Floors
  • Sherwood Oak Quattro09 1
  • Quattro Sherwood Oak Large
  • New England Blackbutt Quattro03, 3
  • Quattro New England Blackbutt Large
  • Brown Stringybark Quattro Hybrid Waterproof Flooring
  • Quattro Brown Stringybark Large
  • Bristle Oak Quattro10 1
  • Quattro Bristle Oak Large
  • Mallee Spotted Gum Quattro01, 3
  • Quattro Mallee Spotted Gum Large
  • Styx Oak Quattro08 1
  • Quattro Styx Oak Large
  • Talla Oak Quattro02 2
  • Quattro Talla Oak Large
  • Natural Quattro06, 1
  • Quattro Natural Large
  • Argento Quattro07, 3
  • Quattro Argento Large
  • Urban Grey Quattro05, 1
  • Quattro Urban Grey Large
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Lifetime Installation Warranty
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Discover a new and revolutionary flooring with Quattro Hybrid Waterproof Flooring! With luxurious designs that mimic the look and feel of wood and stone, this is not just about flooring; it’s a revolution in flooring aesthetics. The contemporary style is a perfect solution for modern, easy family living, offering waterproof and extreme durability benefits.

Mimicry of Wood and Stone

Quattro embodies luxurious designs, replicating the intricate look and feel of wood and stone. It transforms spaces, available in three exclusive ranges - Aussie Species, Oaks, and Tiles, featuring 10 diverse colour references.

Unrivalled Durability

Quattro Hybrid Waterproof Flooring stands resilient under the pressures of family life. It’s waterproof. It’s family-proof. This flooring is the epitome of style and function, thriving brilliantly under extreme heat conditions.

Fast and Effortless Installation

Every plank of Quattro is equipped with an innovative 5G click-system. It’s about hassle-free installation, allowing you to lay it over various surfaces swiftly, enveloping your home in modern elegance.

Transformative Design Effects

Some Quattro planks boast natural concrete and stone effects. They don’t just cover floors; they transform rooms, making every space a testament to luxurious and contemporary living.

Suitability for Wet Areas

With its waterproof prowess, Quattro Hybrid Waterproof Flooring is the ideal candidate for bathrooms and laundries, ensuring every inch of your home radiates contemporary charm and practicality. Explore the transformative power of Quattro Hybrid Flooring with one of our mobile showrooms. Book a free measure & quote today!

About the product

  • Waterproof
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain
  • 5G Click System
  • Perfect For Every Room
  • Family Friendly
  • GreenRate Level​​​​​​​ A Certified

Plank Size:

6mm thick x 1520mm long x 228mm wide

Manufacturer's Warranty:

25 Years Residential & 10 Years Commercial

Price Guide:

$$ Mid Range
Lifetime Installation Warranty
12 Months Interest Free

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