Star Struck Perma Soft Plus Carpet
  • Star Struck Ashen Grey
  • Star Struck Anqtique White
  • Star Struck Anvil
  • Star Struck Star Cinder
  • Star Struck Oatmeal
  • Star Struck Gunsmoke
  • Star Struck Mushroom
  • Star Struck Gravel
  • Star Struck Raw Umber
  • Star Struck Shoreliner
Lifetime Installation Warranty

Star Struck

Hardwearing and soft underfoot - experience the luxurious embrace of Star Struck Perma Soft Plus Carpet! A perfect blend of softness and durability, it's the epitome of luxurious and resilient carpeting! The dream of every homeowner seeking comfort and elegance, the extra soft comfort underfoot gives a luxurious and inviting carpet, all while maintaining the high wearability.

Luxury at Your Feet

Constructed of Perma Soft Plus, Star Struck is a journey of tactile luxury. It invites your feet into a world of softness, a touch that’s captivating and exceptionally inviting.

Exceptional Wearability

Star Struck Perma Soft Plus Carpet isn’t just about luxurious comfort. It offers the robust wearability of Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet, ensuring it stands the test of time, retaining its allure throughout.

Aesthetic and Practicality United

The marriage of high wearability and soft underfoot experience makes Star Struck a beacon of aesthetic functionality. It’s the ideal choice for those valuing both elegance and practical resilience.

Explore Star Struck

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  • Locally Stocked
  • Easy To Clean
  • Fade & Stain Resistant
  • The Odour Eliminator
  • Great Warranty
  • High OZ Rating
Fibre: Perma Soft Plus Solution Dyed Nylon
Type: Cut Pile
OZ Rating: 55 OZ
Manufacturer's Warranty: 15 Years
Price Guide: $$$ Luxurious
Lifetime Installation Warranty
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