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  • Vision Urban Oak
  • Vision Ashen Oak
  • Vision Autumn Oak
  • Vision Black Butt
  • Vision Grey Wash Oak
  • Vision Manila Oak
  • Vision Midnight Oak
  • Vision Pearl Oak
  • Vision Saddle Oak
  • Vision Smoulder Oak
  • Vision Spotted Gum
  • Vision Spring Oak
  • Vision Sydney Blue Gum
  • Vision White Oak
Lifetime Installation Warranty


Dive into the world of Vision's Luxurious Vinyl Planks collection! This range stands as a beacon of affordable luxury, quality, and elegant style, meticulously crafted through advanced technology and superior materials to mirror the essence of natural wood flawlessly.

Elegant Durability

Discover elegance and enduring beauty within our 14 distinct shades. These planks exemplify a harmonious blend of luxury and resilience, each echoing sophistication and strength, adding a touch of unrivalled elegance to every space.

Vision’s Exceptional Quality

Unearth brilliance and luxurious affordability with our 5mm Vinyl Planks. They symbolise environmental safety and versatility, making them a preferred choice for both commercial and residential applications, marrying luxury and practicality seamlessly.

Supreme Safety & Aesthetic Variety

The layered composition of Vision's Luxurious Vinyl Planks promises enhanced stability and lasting elegance. A high P3 rating guarantees a timeless surface, while 14 stunning wood print reproductions offer diverse aesthetic possibilities, impressing the discerning eye with natural wood resemblance.

Experience Ultimate Elegance

Indulge in the versatility and exquisite beauty of Vision's Luxurious Vinyl Planks. Every piece is a manifestation of natural beauty, ensuring your spaces resonate with the elegance and charm of authentic timber prints, making each moment within your interiors a luxurious experience. Treat yourself to the luxury of high-quality and affordable flooring, precisely crafted to bring you state-of-the-art technology coupled with the finest raw materials, to replicate natural wood types.

  • Affordable
  • Easy To Clean
  • Locally Stocked
  • Wåterproof
  • Slip Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
Plank Size: 5mm thick, 1219.2mm long, 228.6mm wide
Manufacturer's Warranty: Residential Use Warranty: 20 Years. Commercial Use Warranty: 10 Years
Durability: High P3 Surface Rating
Variety: 14 Stunning Wood Print Reproductions
Sustainability: High Quality Environmental Safety
Aesthetics: Luxurious Lasting Elegance
Price Guide: $$$ Luxurious
Lifetime Installation Warranty
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