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Lifetime Installation Warranty 

Here at Beare Flooring we pride ourselves with the quality of our installation work and want you as our customer to have peace of mind that our workmanship will uphold the life of your product.

General Terms & Conditions 


Please take into consideration Beare Flooring endeavours to represent all images of products as accurately as possible however there may be some variances in colour across monitors due to different resolutions. It is strongly suggested that when selecting colours your final selection is done so in person. 

Discontinued Products

Beare Flooring makes every attempt to procure ongoing lines from suppliers – however holds no responsibility for product deletions and discontinued lines. 


Blogs written are Beare Floorings interpretation of a topic and or aesthetic and are based on our experience or interpretation of a style and may not provide an exact representation of a particular product. FAQs written are a knowledge base which Beare Flooring have developed from our industry experience.

Quotations & Invoices

Installation work requires a 50% deposit upon acceptance of quote, balance is due upon completion & becomes overdue after 7 days. Supply only work requires full payment prior to ordering goods. Ownership of the goods in this purchase order will not pass to the customer until the invoice has been paid in full please note if the customer defaults in payment by the due date all the money becomes immediately due & payable, the company reserves the rights to:

A: Charge the customer an interest rate of 10% P.A until the date the payment is received in full.

B: Charge the customer for any losses & expenses (including but not limited to) debt recovery & legal expenses, including commission charged by debt collectors & solicitor’s costs.

C: By notice in writing terminate any contract with the customer.

Please note Beare Flooring reserves the rights to refuse refund of deposit if goods have already been ordered & processed by the supplier.

Upon acceptance of the quote & paying the deposit the Customer is agreeing to all of the above terms & conditions on their quote.

Supply Only 

If you have chosen to purchase flooring from Beare Flooring for supply only, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the quantity is correct. Any surplus stock is non-refundable (and non-returnable). We cannot guarantee that the supplier will have additional stock if it is required, but we will work with the supplier to find the best alternative for the customer. 


Beare Flooring reserves the right where required to enlist subcontractors. 

Price Match Guarantee

It is a requirement of our price match guarantee that the customer must present the relevant quote to their Beare Flooring representative. 

The quote must reference the following information in writing:

– Product specifications, fibre, OZ rating, underlay specifications, width, length & height of hard flooring.
– Details confirming uplifting / disposing of existing flooring as to whether this is included or not on the quote
– Details confirming if any floor preparation is included in the quote
– Product warranty. 
– Quantity of material / installation quoted & specific areas quoted stipulated. 

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