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Laura “The Floor Of My Dreams”

Everything from start to finish was so smooth






Aqua Stone V7


Southport, Gold Coast

It was time for Laura to undertake her dream renovation. She planned to put in a new kitchen along with new hard flooring throughout her whole space. A referral from a friend is what got Laura in touch with Team Beare initially, knowing she could trust us with her much loved home was very important to her.

The team everything from start to finish was so smooth, communication was excellent which is always difficult in a renovation and now I have the floor of my dreams with my new kitchen.

The benefits of Hybrid Flooring are particularly suited to apartment living – In this instance the product selected Aqua Stone V7 is waterproof which means we were able to run Laura’s flooring directly from the living space into the kitchen creating a  smooth transition between the two spaces – using one floor covering in a smaller space helps to create the illusion of more space.

Benefits Of Aqua Stone

✔️ Waterproof

✔️ Scratch Resistant

✔️ High Density Acoustic Underlay

✔️ High Stability & No Expansion

A referral from a friend is what led Laura to get in touch with Beare Flooring – We love it when that happens!

Undertaking a renovation in your home big or small is a labour of love, especially if it involves key elements such as a kitchen! Our team worked seamlessly alongside the other trades in this renovation to get our part of the project completed in time for Laura to be able to enjoy her newly renovated space and boy what a space it is. A breathtaking view of the broadwater which is now complimented by a stunning new kitchen and beautiful new Hybrid Flooring!



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