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Sovereign On The Gold Coast


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Aqua Stone V7


Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Reliability was key for Maddison when choosing a flooring contractor.

Having recently taken over the managing rights of the building her first task was to secure a skilled team that she could comfortably trust to get the job done professionally and at a affordable price.

We are quite a big building we have 205 units and when we purchased the building none of our units were renovated. Something that has always been really important to me is being able to offer our owners really strong contractors who can come in at a fair price and perform an excellent job.

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy company who she could comfortably recommend to her unit owners for their much needed flooring updates Maddison reached out to us at Beare Flooring. From our initial on site measure and quote through to the flawless delivery of our first project completed in Aqua Stone V7 Maddison was thoroughly impressed with our Team.

In this situation we suggested the unit owner look at “Hybrid Flooring” in particular our best selling range Aqua Stone V7 for its key features:

✔️ High Density Acoustic Underlay

✔️ Scratch Resistant

✔️ Easy To Clean

✔️ Waterproof

Being an SPC (stone polymer composite) this product is extremely stable – meaning the product is not subject to expansion and contraction. This particular product has a very high stone content which is what makes it so highly stable, a major consideration for Queensland with the humid weather.

In these situations where units are in a letting pool and get rented out frequently it is important that the correct products are installed for ease of maintenance and also longevity.

Some of the unit owners requested “Carpet” for their bedroom flooring, wanting to create a more inviting space for the guests. In these instances we worked with another of our best sellers Whimsical Twist which is a “solution dyed nylon carpet.” The characteristics of this carpet and the extensive colour bank is what make this range a go to for hard wearing situations such as this!

✔️ Fade & Stain Resistant

✔️ Odour Eliminator

✔️ Easy To Clean

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