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Annie “A Very Reliable Company”

Immediately I built trust with Beare Flooring









Having had William and the Beare Flooring Team complete work for her clients at Ray White Burleigh Group Annie was very impressed and knew who she was going to call when it was time to replace the old carpet in her beautiful apartment with new Hybrid Flooring!

I work for Ray White Burleigh Group, William did a few flooring projects for our property management. We were very impressed with William, very dedicated, very knowledgeable and very friendly. Immediately I built trust with William.

Having had William & the Beare Flooring team complete projects for their property management team at Ray White Burleigh Group Annie knew she wanted to call on us to help her transform her beautiful apartment in Southport.

Having decided she wanted to remove the old carpet and create a more light and spacious home with hard flooring we had the perfect solution for her. Hybrid flooring a definite all rounder when it comes to hard flooring, Aqua Stone V8 ticked all the boxes for Annie


✔️ Waterproof

✔️ Fade Stain & Scratch Resistant

✔️ High Density Acoustic Underlay

These features meant we could install the product directly from her entry way through into the kitchen and living area seamlessly without worrying about how it would stand up to external factors. Larger planks are a great solution for smaller spaces! and Aqua Stone V8 being a larger plank style was the perfect solution for Annies project! Aqua Stone V8 is a SPC product which means it is constructed of “Stone Polymer” making it extremely durable and hardwearing, being stone means the product also will not react to climate changes and no expansion or retraction will happen on hot days. We discuss SPC flooring in more depth over on our blog.

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