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Phil “Beare Flooring Were Great!”

Pet Friendly Carpet and Hybrid Flooring









After reading our amazing 5 star google reviews Phil enquired with our team. Being family owned was key for him as he knew who he was dealing with from start to finish.

Unsure on what type of flooring would be best for their family home and lifestyle he needed advice on which way to head with his flooring selection.

We chose Beare Flooring from their online reviews which were really great. They are family owned so we knew who we were dealing with from start to finish and we had a great experience with them. It was perfect! Kees was very good from the beginning, very knowledgeable. He also put us in the right direct of Hybrid Flooring, we went with Hybrid Flooring for its durability as we have a pet and its very good for scratch resistance. We would definitely recommend Beare Flooring to anyone looking for new flooring - they were great!

Pet Friendly Hybird Flooring – Aqua Stone V7

✔️  Scratch Resistant

✔️ Easy To Clean & Maintain

Pet Friendly Carpet – Fanciful Twist 

✔️ Durable & Easy To Clean

✔️ Soft Underfoot

Unsure on what product type would be most suitable for their home Phil was keen to hear our teams expert advice. During our in home consultation Kees was able to determine that both areas of the home the main living and bedrooms would need “pet friendly” flooring options. A highly durable flooring product that would still maintain a warm and inviting environment for their family home.

Finding a pet friendly flooring solution has never been so easy. Flooring products have come a long way with their durability over the years. Beare Flooring have a multitude of flooring options available which our expert friendly team are well educated on. We love being able to help home owners realise their dream aesthetic all while making sure the products selected are highly durable and will stand up to everything life throws at them.


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