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Liz “The Process Was Seamless”

Everyone has commented on my Capet and just how lovely it is









After reading a fantastic review online Liz got in touch with our team.

Feeling confident she could trust Beare Flooring she enquired with us over Christmas New Year and upon our return to work was one of our first meetings for the year.

I was impressed firstly that you were prompt, to be honest when your in business people being on time is important. I could tell that the company was skilled, the company is a family business and that appealed to me too. I could see there was integrity in the whole process of selecting the carpet and then determining the price. The way the quote was drawn out, it was very involved and I could tell it wasn't a 5 minute job. That impressed me. The two installers were just marvellous, they just couldn't have done enough they were helpful and made sure I was comfortable.

Liz can attest to the durability of this beautiful Loop Pile Carpet from EC Carpets Andes Peak – The Carpet had been down for about a month when we went back to speak with her and Andes Peak was living up to its hard wearing characteristics.

✔️ Fade & Stain Resistant

✔️ Hardwearing Against Abrasion / Non Fluffing

✔️ Easy To Clean


Andes Peak is a “solution dyed nylon” qualities such as being fade & stain resistant along with hardwearing against abrasion, easy to clean and features such as a non-flattening pile are some of the main criteria considered when clients are selecting their carpets.

It is wonderful when clients love what we do from the beginning to end, a seamless flooring experience for Liz!


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