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Rachael “I Couldn’t Be Happier”

Beare Flooring made everything happen very quickly









Rachael enquired on Carpet Installation for her recent property purchase - with only a week to move into their new home time was really important to her.

Our team made sure to facilitate a flawless flooring experience from start to finish pulling out all the stops to achieve a quick turnaround and all in time for move in day.

I was looking for Carpet Installation as we are moving into a new property, I spoke to William on the phone and he pretty much came out the next day! I was limited with timing and only had a week to get into our property. He made everything happen very quickly - I was really happy with the price, the quality, and the professional attitude! Being a business owner myself you know when you come across a good product and a good company!

After a quick new home purchase Rachael wanted to get their carpets replaced prior to move in day to avoid having to move their furniture twice – Luckily Beare Flooring were able to facilitate a quick turnaround on her carpet installation. Which saw William Beare himself get on the tools over the weekend to help get Rachaels job completed!

✔️ Fade & Stain Resistant

✔️ Hardwearing Against Abrasion

✔️ Easy To Clean

✔️ Non-flattening Pile

The product selected was a  beautiful textured “loop pile carpet” “Andes Peak” in colour “Patilla” Being a “solution dyed nylon” Andes Peak is fade & stain resistant along with being hardwearing against abrasion, easy to clean and features a non-flattening.

As a result of our teams hard work Rachael and her husband were able to move into their new home the following week!


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